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  • Continue growing brand name recognition for American Rebel

  • Secure press and media coverage to increase exposure locally, nationally and internationally  for both American Rebel and Andy Ross

  • Cultivate relationships with press outlets, fan base and potential fans

  • Grow excitement and positive associations with American Rebel and Andy Ros



  • ​Develop broad & specific media strategies driven by goals

  • Obtain media coverage around any opportunities, including announcements and projects

  • Create angles for publications, podcasts, television and other outlets to grow and diversify fan base

  • Tour press to increase local exposure and cultivate relationships with potential fans

    • Can include local/regional television, radio, newspapers, blogs, online outlets and more

    • Route tour to include media, charity, social media stops

    • Schedule charity stop and other in-person visits, if time permits

  • Maintain consistent media coverage

    • Features with local, national and international media outlets

    • Schedule interviews/appearances with podcasts, television, newspapers, blogs and more

  • Develop strategic publicity plan to promote launch of podcast

  • Oversee charitable press opportunities

  • Write press releases  for upcoming opportunities, announcements and projects

  • Build promotional materials, including biography and one sheet

  • Create press kit, if one is not already provided by BMG

  • Media/Interview guidance to ensure talking points are mentioned and interviews achieve goals

  • Create and maintain fan club

  • Provide guidance on social media

  • Assist in content creation and social media maintenance

  • Provide regular strategy meetings and updates

  • Assist BMG Team with any support needed


  • Digital Ad Campaigns

  • Newsletter Maintenance

  • Charity Tours

  • Identify Potential Income Streams & Develop Course of Action

  • Social Media Ads & Promotions

  • Graphic Design

  • Multimedia Content (Videography, Photography, Etc)

  • Secure Social Media Sponsorships & Endorsements

  • Account Verification

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