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"Combining poetry with an eclectic mix of musical references, such as Evanescence and The Cranberries, what results is a valiant attempt at facing one's own demons..." 

- Wonderland Magazine

"'Save Me' is climatic and powerful."

- BuzzMusic

"Lindsey's captivating vocals stomp above..."

- Milky

"A text that hits straight to the heart."

- HypeFresh

"One of the richest and most powerful voices we've ever heard."

- Bored City






One fateful night alternative rock singer-songwriter Lindsey was sitting in the pitch black when she finally asked for help with her all-consuming depression. She had had enough. A divine message came in a jolt of inspiration for a song, and, when she finished jotting it down, something profound in her life had shifted. 

“I grew up battling depression, and I felt I had to hide and mask what I was going through. I would be super up in public, and down in private,” the Nashville-based artist shares. “I knew I couldn’t overcome these demons by myself, but it took a lot for me to ask for help. Writing that song that day was the turning point when I walked into the light.”

Lindsey had written poetry since she was a little kid, but the outpouring of lyrics surrounding the “Save Me” epiphany felt different, and more purposeful than her creative writing did in the past. Her words flowed naturally, and Lindsey didn’t belabor how the songs would sound. In a natural creative flow, her songs just came alive in the studio as they were intended.


Lindsey’s first single, “Save Me,” is the song that changed everything, and it’s a divine charge of sleekly-emotive modern rock. Written from the frontlines of spiritual warfare over her own depression, the song features chunky hard-rock guitars, haunting gothic ambience, and viscerally vulnerable vocals—the sound of a tortured soul pleading with heavens. 

“I want people to know they don’t have to be stuck in their current situation,” she says. “I write about dark things, but I always show people the light on the other side. Ultimately, I want to give people hope that they can overcome something they didn’t think they could.”

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