Burning Ground Entertainment understands that we live in a visual-driven era. Music videos are the most effective tool when engaging a new audience and building a dedicated fan base! Whether your video is already completed, or if the creation process has barely begun, our team is prepared to help you deliver the best final product. Like everything else Burning Ground does, we believe that your success is determined by your team. We want to link you up with the perfect videographer, work with you on developing an amazing concept, and get your video prepped and ready to reach as many fans, press outlets and broadcasting platforms as possible.

we offer...

  • videographer recomMendations

  • concept development/consultation

  • closed captioning/DMDS Preparation

  • release campaign

  • social media marketing plan

  • Distribution 

  • network submissions

  • youtube marketing

  • outlet & Platform placement

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Platform & outlet destinations include:


  • Instagram
  • Facebook
  • Twitter